Practicing Presence

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Welcome to The Abbey Blog 2.0, so to speak. In addition to redesigning the website, we are revamping the blog. I’m delighted and humbled to take on the role of editor. My goal is to create and curate content in support of the mission of The Abbey and as a resource to those who visit. 

We’ve titled the blog Practicing Presence, a title that could mean several things—creating an individual practice of presence, practicing (repeating, rehearsing) to get better at being present wherever we are, working together in community as a practice of presence to each other and the divine, or whatever these words might mean for you.

At Practicing Presence, we welcome submissions and are open to general submissions year-round. Several times a year we will have special calls for submissions around themed issues. General Submission Guidelines can be found here.

Practicing Presence is published weekly, on Wednesdays. You may subscribe if you’d like to be notified via email each time a new post publishes. Comments are welcome—both public comments on the blog itself as well as comments sent directly to me via email. You may reach me with comments, suggestions, and any feedback you’d like to share at

I look forward to practicing presence with you as companions on the spiritual path.

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