Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

  • Date: April 15,  2023
  • Time: 10 a.m. –  3 p.m.
  • Location: Still Waters Retreat Center
  • Leader: Melanie Moore, Practicing Presence’s Blog Editor.  
Writing is a way of reflecting on spiritual—and other—experiences by slowing down our brains to the pace of our handwriting. It is a way of going deeper into ourselves, capturing our impressions, thoughts, and feelings on the page, and then going back to read our own stories. During the retreat, we’ll examine the types of journals and ways of journaling that can become part of your spiritual practice. Working in small groups and individually throughout the day, there will be time to read, write, and share (if you wish to share) as we experiment with a variety of writing prompts and processes. 
The retreat center has multiple seating areas and a large outdoor area suitable for walking, and there will be time to explore the property. We will take breaks, including an hour for lunch.
What to bring: Bring your own lunch, a water bottle, and your favorite pen or pencil. Electronics are fine, but most of the exercises are geared toward pen/pencil and paper. Each participant will get a journal!
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