This section of The Abbey is just getting started, but we hope you will look around and see what resources are posted for you already.  Our plan is to populate the Practices section with materials to help strengthen your prayer life.  The Retreats section will house plans and resources for individual or corporate retreats.  In the meantime, visit our labyrinth section for some tips on finding a labyrinth near you and starting a walking meditation practice.

Spiritual Directors

Joe Barry: Janet Davis: Rebecca Hall:, 512-751-0145 Ellen Jockusch:, 512-633-2882 Lynda Young Kaffie: Terry Pierce: Anne Province:, 512-497-2925 Eremos: Seton Cove; Spiritual Direction


Labyrinth Resources on the Internet

The Labyrinth Society Veriditas - the non-profit which has been a prime mover in the labyrinth movement: Labyrinth Locator Lauren Artress’ website Jeff and Kimberly Saward’s website. They were co-founder’s of The Labyrinth Society. Jeff has written a number of books, and the website contains a wealth of information including…