The Abbey is a resource for people to grow and deepen their spiritual lives. This “room” in The Abbey is where you can find a recommendation for a spiritual director, books we recommend, or information on particular spiritual practices. This “room” will grow over time like a library.


Miracles, by C.S. Lewis

By Phillip Owen In Miracles, C.S. Lewis takes an objective look at how miracles can be understood by both Christians and non-Christians alike. He opens the book with a philosophical question of whether it is logically possible for miracles to occur at all, and then takes a look at moments…


Holy Week

All are invited to join in our Holy Week activities and liturgies. All events are in Central Daylight Time. PALM/PASSION SUNDAY 9 a.m. Liturgy of the Palms and Word | DOWNLOAD BULLETIN PDFClick here to find palm cross and palm frond images to print, cut out, and color for use…


Children & Youth

Visit the Classroom page for information on Junior Journey Zoom - The Magic of Friendship: Lessons from The Bible and Harry Potter. DOWNLOADABLE FORMATION Sunday School in a Box: Sing It – Say It – Draw It – Pray It AT-HOME FORMATION Leaders: Mary Lenz (4th-5th), Elaine & Rex Hunt…