Rivers in the Desert

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By Rebecca Hall Thus says the Lord,    who makes a way in the sea,    a path in the mighty waters,who brings out chariot and horse,    army and warrior;they lie down, they cannot rise,    they are extinguished, quenched like a wick:Do not remember the former things,    or consider the things of old.I am about to do a…

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Pandemic Practices

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By Janet Davis Janet is a local Austin spiritual director Count losses and blessings As I sat down to record a few thoughts from this oddly shaped season of pandemic, a voice within began to discount my story: “You haven’t been a big loser here. You are healthy. You can…

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What Do You Want that You Already Have?

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By Lynda Young Kaffie Artist, Spiritual Director Leaning against my mirror, there is a quotation on a card that I see every morning as I ready myself for the day. What do you want that you already have? In the midst of sheltering-in-place, constantly washing my hands, keeping socially distant…

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Meeting the Call

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By Irit Umani What if we thought about this time that we are living through as “meeting a challenge”, or “meeting the call”, rather than “winning a war”? A crisis is always also an opportunity, in which we can meet who we are through a different lens. When I am…

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Offering Our Gifts

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By Amy Moehnke Within the first few days of the “Stay at Home” mandate being implemented, I found myself feeling, honestly, quite “useless”. I generally live a pretty fast paced, Go Go Go life that’s filled with interactions that call me to use my gifts in ways that I (hope)…

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In the Belly of the Great Fish

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By Rebecca Hall Well, aren’t we glad that Lent is over! My favorite Facebook meme of the season, “This is the Lentiest Lent I Ever Lented” sums it up nicely.  Whether or not we wanted to deprive ourselves of something precious to us for a few weeks, we did.  We gave up going to…

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