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Lecture: The Rev. Dr. Larry Peers, “Sacred Pauses”

The Abbey at St. David's
The Abbey at St. David's
Lecture: The Rev. Dr. Larry Peers, "Sacred Pauses"

Presented by the Rev. Dr. Larry Peers, former senior consultant for the Alban Institute. Within our Christian tradition (and other religious traditions) particular periods, such as Lent, are set aside for reflection, renewal, and reconciliation. Also, there has been a long tradition of “praying the hours” which provide opportunities for reconnecting with God and ourselves at set times during the day. The contemporary writer, Macrina Wiederkehr, a contemporary Benedictine has offered in her book, “Seven Sacred Pauses: Living Mindfully through the Hours of the Day,” these verses: “Receive the gift, of seven sacred pauses, Practice waking up, Seven times a day.” Buddhist teacher Tara Brach reminds us that we need to take necessary sacred pauses, especially when we get “hooked” and emotionally lose a sense of presence with ourselves or another. We’ll explore together the practice of taking a sacred pause within our daily living and within our interactions in order to grow our souls more deliberately. 

Larry Peers partners with religious organizations and leaders across many faith traditions to help them lead from a sense of purpose and innovate by aligning strategy and spirit. He is an adjunct professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary and at Hartford Seminary’s new Master’s program in peacemaking. He leads planning events with congregations, staff team coaching, clergy coaching, and retreats. He is a member of the Congregational Consulting Group, a former consultant with the Alban Institute, and a former director of the Pastoral Excellence Network.