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Lecture: The Rev. Dr. Bob Shore-Goss, “God as Gardener”

The Abbey at St. David's
The Abbey at St. David's
Lecture: The Rev. Dr. Bob Shore-Goss, "God as Gardener"

Presented by the Rev. Dr. Bob Shore-Goss, member United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Council.

There is another way of Earth care other than to use the model of creation stewardship. Stewardship is a patriarchal model for tending the garden from a position of mastery and dominance. If we look at the biblical scriptures more closely, we discover a gardening model of involvement with Earth care based on descriptive notions of God as Gardener, Christ the Gardener, and the Spirit intimately involved in the relationship between the Gardener and garden. Earth theologian Thomas Berry affirms, “Gardening is an active participant in the deepest mysteries of the universe.” 

The Rev. Dr. Robert Shore-Goss is a retired UCC clergy/theologian and serves on the UCC Environmental Justice Council. As the pastor of the North Hollywood MCC United Church of Christ, the church became recognized as the first Christian Justice Church of the denomination. He has been involved in various congregational green teams and conference environmental justice teams.  He received a 2011 Green Oscar from California Interfaith Power & Light. Shore-Goss received a Th.D. from Harvard University in Comparative Religion and Christian Theology, and self-identifies as a Buddhist-Christian. The Rev. Shore-Goss has held numerous workshops for UCC Annual Gatherings, the Parliament of World Religions (2015), and individual churches of several denominations on creating sustainable spiritualities of faith communities for long term commitment for eco-justice. He is the author of God Is Green: An Eco-Spirituality of Incarnate Compassion (2016). His second eco-theological book is, Creating Christian Protectors (October  2020). Visit his website for the complete list of his books: