The Abbey is collecting collect prayers for our Election Day Vigil, and we would love one from YOU! Never written a collect? It's not difficult! You follow a prescribed pattern or formula to "collect" many aspects of prayer into one, short, poetic, offering. 1. Address God 2. Name an attribute…


In Two Weeks the Election Will Be Over (Maybe)

By Rebecca Hall The landscape of the spiritual life is a series of peaks, valleys, and plateaus (not to mention other things like desert, wilderness, water, and sometimes milk and honey…).  With the exception of crucifixion moments, the most difficult time for most of us is when we have to…

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Pilgriming to Mt. Sinai
Mt Sinai

Pilgriming to Mt. Sinai

By Joyce Palevitz OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2:30 am. Dark. Dry desert air. We walked towards the yard where the camels were. I had been told that a Bedouin would take hold of my arm and use its circumference to select a camel that would be the right size for me.…

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The Pandemic Is My Monastery
Abbey Doors

The Pandemic Is My Monastery

By Diane Davis On a couple of Zoom platforms from St. David’s lately, I have found myself uttering the phrase “the pandemic is my monastery.” It came to me after reading about a prisoner who said “the prison is my monastery,” and that got me thinking. Here’s what I mean…

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