Racial Healing Dialogue Circles through The Beloved Community

Leaders: Doug Bell and Pete Rose lead The Beloved Community team. Groups will be led by trained facilitators (not necessarily Doug or Pete).

Group Size: There will be 2-3 conversation circles occurring simultaneously each with 10-12 participants.

Dates: Groups will begin again on September 13, 2-4 pm.

Please email Doug at dougbellpe@gmail.com for a Zoom link to the meeting.

The committee for Becoming the Beloved Community will resume the series of Racial Healing Dialogue Circles beginning Sunday, September 13. The discussions on trust building and story telling are completed. The new focus will be on Sacred Ground, a curriculum developed by the National Church to explore racism in America from the 1700s to today. There will be six weekly meetings. Videos and reading materials will be distributed a few days before each session. Participants are asked to watch the videos and read the materials before attending the class. Online links will be provided for access to the Sacred Ground website.

We still have two openings in our groups for these sessions. We will be keeping a waiting list for the next racial healing groups. Once we enroll 9 participants, we will repeat the program in a new group or groups that will last 10 weeks. So please let us know if you are interested.

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  1. Judith cayton

    I cant seem to register,it says there is an error security tokens…

    1. theabbey

      Could you try again? If you get an error message take a picture with your phone and text it to me (512 751 0145). I need a screenshot so the web designer can fix the problem. I hear that people have issues, but we can’t fix them until someone sends me a screenshot. Thanks!

  2. Claire Corrigan

    Same problem today with registration. Rebecca, I will send you the screenshot.

  3. Ron Johns

    I had the same issue but just tried again and it worked.

    1. theabbey

      Thanks for your faithful insistence.

  4. Staley Gray

    Hi, If I cannot join the first conversation, is it possible to join future conversation. Unfortunately I have a commitment this Sunday afternoon.
    Thank you,
    Staley Gray

    1. Doug Bell

      You can join us this Sunday, August 16 at 2:00 pm for session 2 of our healing circle. If you can’t do that there is another opportunity after Labor Day. We will transition to the Sacred Ground curriculum develop by the National Episcopal Church. There will be 6 sessions examining the history of discrimination in American from the Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans. Those dialogue circles will begin September 13.

  5. Dorothy Doolittle

    I am trying to locate the Austin Story on institutional racism before Sunday, August 16, 2020.
    Dorothy Doolittle

    1. theabbey

      I believe you can search for this on YouTube and watch!

  6. Michael Wischkaemper

    To make sure: for those of us who have the link sent by Rex Hunt for last Sunday’s meeting, will that link work today? If not, is there a way to get a proper link?

    1. theabbey

      I hope you got the link! I’m not sure how they are doing Zoom links. Let me know if you need help.

    2. Caroline Tierney

      Somehow I missed seeing this information on the Beloved Community, which I had been looking forward to since I first heard about it. I have written to Doug for a zoom link for the next meeting and hope it is okay for me to join this late.

      I am confused about who to sign up with—Michael or Doug? I just want to be a part of this group. I would appreciate any information and for someone to let me know if I have gone about this correctly.

      Thank you and I look forward to hearing from whoever is in charge of enrollment.

      Caroline Tierney

      1. theabbey

        You should hear from Doug or Michael soon!

      2. Doug Bell

        Next Sunday we will be starting our dialogue circles up again after the Labor Day Holliday. The curriculum will be the one prepared by the National Episcopal Church called Sacred Ground. I can put you in a group for the Sept 13 meeting and the following 5 sessions. Please send me you email address if you are interested.
        Peace, Doug Bell

  7. Ellen Jockusch

    Please let me know when a new group is formed. I would like to register for it.

    1. theabbey

      Hi Ellen,
      I think the best way to get on the waiting list is to email Doug Bell. Here is his email: dougbellpe@gmail.com


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