Parables of Jesus

Sunday, July 5, 10-11 am: Please join the Rev. Katie Wright to discuss the Parable of the Mustard Seed. REGISTER HERE and Zoom will send you instructions for how to participate.

The Rev. Dr. Chuck Treadwell Rector

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  1. Jim Dunaway

    I am having trouble sending my request for the meeting link for The Parable of Jesus. Thanks!

    Jim Dunaway

  2. Doug Bell

    I had trouble finding where to click to register for this class. I suggest you make the words “Register Here” a different color or bold so people will see exactly where to click.

    1. theabbey

      Glad you figured it out. “Register here” is purple on my computer, but maybe it’s not on yours. I will say “REGISTER HERE” in the future to make it easier to distinguish.

  3. Patricia Orr

    Sorry to miss this–technologically challenged, I’m afraid. Will do better next week. Thank you!

    1. theabbey

      What was the trouble? Anything we can help with?

  4. Jim Dunaway

    Can you please send an e-mail invitation to join this Zoom session? I still don’t see a “Register Here” CTA or Button of any kind.
    Jim D.

  5. Jim Dunaway

    Never mind – I stumbled across it… am joining now.

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