Meeting the Call

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By Irit Umani

Executive Director of Trinity Center Irit Umani

What if we thought about this time that we are living through as “meeting a challenge”, or “meeting the call”, rather than “winning a war”?

A crisis is always also an opportunity, in which we can meet who we are through a different lens. When I am “meeting” I am in relationship, and when I am “winning” I am in “othering”. When we see challenge or hear a call we are in the heart of compassion. When we are in a war we are in armor, when we listen to a Call we are in an open, receptive, life affirming state of being. Words matter. Words change our approach, our choices, our actions.

The other day I had an exchange with our Rev. Chuck in which I was posing a question “what would Jesus do?” (I ask this often). And Ft. Chuck responded something like “I don’t know”; rather he was asking “what does love requires”. I was so deeply thankful for his response. He offered another lens. My question was more than a little self-righteous while his was vast and heart-centered.

In the world of Hatha Yoga – the yoga of the body – wash your hands, use gloves and masks, disinfect, take walks.

In the world of Bhakti Yoga – The yoga of devotion – pray, chant, meditate, attend your church’s zoom services.

In the world of Karma Yoga – the yoga of service and action – love your neighbor, feed the hungry, check on your friends and the stranger, make masks to give, support a cause.

These are examples, suggestions, lenses. Make your own lists. The idea is to remain conscientious, loving, and faithful. It is truly important, I believe, that this time of isolation and quarantine, this time of much less doing is much more pausing and being, is used well individually and to the benefits of all beings. There are opportunities in this unique time that we do not usually have in the worlds of doing, doing, doing that we lived in until recently. We have the time now to examine: Is my house a “prison”, or is it a “sanctuary”? Am I in despair or in faith? Am I judging more intensely or loving more spaciously?

And oh, what an opportunity for GRATITUDE! Practice an attitude of gratitude daily. Let us be aware of and grateful for our plenty, for belonging in a community of the faithful, for the people who serve us at their own risk, for family,……for….for….for…..for God in the midst of it all.

May you feel safe and content. May you live with ease. May you love well. May you know peace.

May all beings feel safe and content. May all beings live with ease. May all beings love well. May all beings know peace.

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  1. Maureen

    So grateful to read this message of love and compassion from Irit this evening.

  2. Lynda Young Kaffie

    Yes!Yes!Yes! Thank you for the message and the reminders, Irit. Much to consider with the time we have available.

  3. Natalie

    What does love require?
    That is a powerful question.

    Thank you for your blog post. It made me stop, and think, and ask what love requires of me — in my home, and beyond.

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