The Fellowship

Who We Are: Our Purpose and Goals

We in the Fellowship are people in recovery from life’s hardships. Some of us have suffered from addiction or alcoholism, perhaps our own or a loved one’s. Some of us have struggled with other adversities of life.

Our common goal is to encourage and strengthen each other in the spiritual aspect of recovery. We use the 12-step path as our guide.

The Fellowship is open both to anyone interested or in need of what we can offer. It’s even for the curious!

The Abbey at St. David’s sponsors these efforts, but participation does not depend on membership in St. David’s or any other religious organization, body or tradition.

Anyone and everyone who feels a need for what we can offer is welcome to participate. Please email for more information.

What We Do: We Endeavor to Support and Share

Through this Fellowship we hope to:

  • Be a place of spiritual refuge for those dealing with life’s struggles; 
  • Encourage and support those who are struggling with life’s adversities, those who are in recovery and their families; and
  • Share our experience, strength and hope with one another, as we strengthen the spiritual bonds of our recovery together.

What We Do: We Worship and Study Together

Being mindful that a loving God is the source of our life and love, we seek to nurture, enrich and deepen our relationship with God, as we understand God.

We join from time to time in worship, to thank God for the gift and blessings of recovery and for upholding us in difficult times.

We meet regularly to share and to study, seeking not only spiritual food, but also spiritual community to share the nourishment and strength that we’ve found.

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