Labyrinth Resources on the Internet

The Labyrinth Society

Veriditas – the non-profit which has been a prime mover in the labyrinth movement:

Labyrinth Locator

Lauren Artress’ website

Jeff and Kimberly Saward’s website. They were co-founder’s of The Labyrinth Society. Jeff has written a number of books, and the website contains a wealth of information including a photo gallery:

Robert Ferre’s website: Robert is a co-founder of The Labyrinth Society and is a master labyrinth builder and author.  He has made thousands of labyrinths of all varieties, including canvas labyrinths. He lives in San Antonio. Robert has connections to a number of labyrinths in Austin including Seton Southwest Hospital, Natural Gardener, and the St. David’s Episcopal Church permanent labyrinth, and also produced the canvas labyrinth used by St. David’s Episcopal Church as well as several other canvas labyrinths here in Austin.  Robert is something of a Renaissance man.

Well Fed Spirit – Labyrinth Page: This website has many links to a wide ranging set of resources which are labyrinths.

I was unable to get this link to set up as a link.  From the wellfed spirit website, click on spiritual practices, then scroll down to labyrinths and you should have an index.

Labyrinths in Stone: This is the website of Marty and Debi Kermeen.  They were the builders of our labyrinth at St. David’s and have been involved with labyrinth building for more than 20 years.  Once again there are many photos of many styles of labyrinths.

Geomancy:  Sig Lonegren’s website explores aspects of sacred geometry, sacred space, dowsing and other topics.  Sig is also a published author.

Discover Labyrinths:  Lars Howlett’s website.  Lars is a professional photographer with a passion for labyrinths.  He is a part of the Veriditas faculty and apprenticed with Robert Ferre, labyrinth builder.

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