Spiritual Directors

Joe Barry: Joebarry@austin.rr.com Janet Davis: janetgdavis@gmail.com Rebecca Hall: rebecca.h@stdave.org, 512-751-0145 Ellen Jockusch: ejockusch@gmail.com, 512-633-2882 Lynda Young Kaffie: lyndayoungkaffie@gmail.com Terry Pierce: terry.pierce.austin@gmail.com Anne Province: anneprovince@gmail.com, 512-497-2925 Eremos: https://eremos.org/spiritual-direction/ Seton Cove; Spiritual Direction


Labyrinth Resources on the Internet

The Labyrinth Societyhttps://labyrinthsociety.org Veriditas - the non-profit which has been a prime mover in the labyrinth movement:https://www.veriditas.org Labyrinth Locatorhttps://labyrinthlocator.com Lauren Artress’ websitehttps://www.laurenartress.com Jeff and Kimberly Saward’s website. They were co-founder’s of The Labyrinth Society. Jeff has written a number of books, and the website contains a wealth of information including…

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